• A Family Photo Session in Lewisham.

    I loved this beautiful sunny day with this happy little family in Lewisham. It was one of my last sessions for the time being as we are moving to France in a few weeks. 

    I will be back in London occassionally and posting dates when I will be available for sessions here and  on my personal blog and in the meantime, if anyone is interested in a family session in Languedoc do drop me a line! 

  • Camden Family Photo Session

    This weekend I went to Kentish Town in Camden to take some pictures of the truly adorable 5 month old Iris and her parents in their beautiful home. It was so sweet to hang out with these guys for a couple of hours on a rainy Saturday and to watch how completely in love this family are with each other.

    I can't wait to go back and do the next three sessions that they have booked to chart Iris' first year. It was lovely to leave knowing that next time I see them them Iris will be sitting up, possibly at crawling... to be honest I can't quite remember what babies do at what ages these days but I'm looking forward to being reminded!

  • A Tooting Family Photo Session.

    The second shoot in my weekend of All The Boys was this gorgeous family in Tooting, South London, who had just welcomed their littlest member a mere 10 days previously. He was so incredibly beautiful and still very much in that 'still waking up' stage. His elder brothers were 18 months and 5 years old and I absolutely loved photographing their different characters, styles and tempraments. I was also fond of the cat, who did a remarkable impression of the baby. 

    It's always such an honour to be welcomed into people's homes and to be a part of the family for a couple of hours, with my shoes off and crawling around on the floor with a giant AT AT. Photographing people in their own spaces is always my favourite thing to do. 

  • A Greenwich Family Session

    This month has been the busiest of the year with so many people organising family photo sessions int time to get the pictures printed as Christmas gifts. I love the light at this time of year and the beautiful changing colours of London's various parks and green spaces. 

    For this session we started out at home, photographing breakfast time and some morning playing before heading out  to a little park in Greenwich to play in the mud and leaves. It was the perfect relaxed Sunday morning and it was so much fun to capture it. 

    This was the first session of that weekend which turned out to be rather epic, with four families and five little boys in the space of two days. Come back soon to see the rest!  

    And if you're still thinking of a family photos session to take care of your Christmas gifts, I have plenty of midweek availability between now and December 10th which is the cut off date for having the pictures in time for Christmas. 

  • Natural Family Photography in Brighton

    Natural Family Photography in Brighton

    I had the best morning with these guys in glorious Brighton. I love Brighton beach, especially at this time of year when the summer holidays are over, things are quietening down but the weather is still good enough to play outside. It's also the perfect spot for some natural family photography, with the beach, the boardwalk and the excellent playparks. Oh, and let's not forget the fish and chips! 

  • A family photo session in Brighton

    A family photo session in Brighton

    Yesterday I travelled to Brighton to do a really fun photo session with a beautiful family who have been living there while working at Brighton University. They go back to Amsterdam with their two sweet boys in a couple of weeks and wanted to take some relaxed, natural photos at the beach before they go.

    It was a really beautiful day with the most perfect light and I had a blast playing with 3 year old Amitai and cooing over the delicious 8 month old Zev. Their parents were a whole lot of fun and interesting too.

    I'm continuing to take bookings over the Autumn months. This is my favourite time of year for outdoor family photos. The light is gentle, the air is crisp and the leaves are turning; it's the perfect time for days out in the park.

    I'm hoping to do some more sessions around South London, particularly Crystal Palace, Balham, Tooting and Streatham, all of which have great parks and commons to kick the leaves and splash in the puddles, when they no doubt arrive! 

    I'd love to hear from you if your interested in some natural family photography around London or Brighton.

  • A family photo session with twins in Brixton, South London

    The novelty of twins never wears off for me, despite having my very own. My girls are three and a half now and it seems like a lifetime ago (maybe two lifetimes) that they were this small and quiet. These guys had just turned one and I spent the morning with them doing a relaxed family photo session in their beautiful home in Brixton; playing, reading and singing. 

  • A Berkhamstead Family Photo Session in the woods.

    Last month I travelled from London to Berkhamstead in Hertfordshire to photograph this lovely family. We spent the afternoon in the woods, capturing some lovely natural moments among the trees and celebrating the short time left before this family of three became a family of four. 

    I love spending time with families, not posing, not perfoming, just doing what they do. I love the sheer joy and enthusiasm that small children have for playing and the brief moments of calm as their parents sit back and watch them having fun. I love documenting the fleeing time that is a child's day to day life, going so fast and yet seeming so absolute. The 'he is so obsessed with trains' phase, before it passes, the time when running and chasing and being chased is as exciting as anything gets, because it all goes by so quickly and before you know it there will be a new deep obsession, a new more sophisticated sense of fun, a new role as older brother or sister. 

    Formal photographs are nice to have but it is these moments that are going to mean so much when you look back at your child's life, whether from next month or in twenty years time. Already the album that I made of my daughters' first year seems like a lifetime ago, although now they are only three. 

    I end every session like this feeling deeply grateful that families invite me into their lives and trust me with documenting their most fleeting moments and most precious relationships. It is always a joy. 

  • A Québécois Family in London

    A Québécois Family in London

    Hi and welcome to the Bird and Bear blog! I was sharing a lot of these images on my personal blog, Peonies and Polaroids, but I decided it was time to have my own little London Family Photography blog over here too. 

    When I started out doing family photography I imagined purely taking very natural pictures of families in their own homes, capturing the moments that make up their day to day lives. Then Marie-Eve asked me if I would meet her and her family on the Southbank in London during their couple of days on holiday from Montreal. She wanted me to take some pictures that captured the amazing trip that her and her husband had taken their kids on. I admit I was daunted, it seemed a world away from the intimate, quiet pictures I capture in people's houses, but then I was daunted the first time someone asked me to photograph a kid that wasn't my own! So, I pulled on my Big Photographer Pants and met this beautiful family one very busy, very hot August morning in central London. And I loved it. I love capturing a story and this story was of a family who were taking the trip of a lifetime, showing their kids the big wide world. It was also a more familiar story, of parents who love their kids, of a couple who love each other, of kids who are learning and growing and straining at the boundaries of their world. 

    So from nervous beginnings I'm now very excited about the possibilities of capturing the stories of other families on their holidays to London, one of the greatest cities in the world, both to visit and to photograph! Do get in touch if you're planning a trip to London with your kids and you would like to have some beautiful photographs taken of you all together to document your holiday.