• Winter family photography sessions in Scotland and London

    Happy New Year everyone! (I know, I know, it's not that new any more) I hope that you all had a lovely festive season and have been able to give yourselves a gentle start to the year.

    January is one of my favourite months; new diaries, new pens, few social obligations, and starting to think about new family photography sessions.

    The winter isn't often a time that people immediately think of when they consider getting family photographs taken - the weather isn't always great, people aren't always that comfortable in their skins after December feasting, and bank accounts have taken a beating from Christmas. And yet, it's one of my favourite times for family photography.

    The light! Oh the crisp, bright, fresh light of January and February. Maybe snow, definitely bare branches and pink noses and wooly hats. Hot chocolate, warm kitchens, family cuddles - you and your people together in all of your cosy glory.

    It seemed like a good time to share these photos from one of my favourite January family photography sessions a couple of years ago - it turns out that being there for someone's first snow is kind of a career highlight!

    I'm currently planning a trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh in early February and one to London in early March. I'll post more details soon but I'd love to hear from you if you are interested in capturing some small moments of magic together! I can't promise snow but I can promise that we'll have fun.