• 2016, a Year of Sessions

    Looking back over the family photography sessions I did this year gives me such joy. It wasn't my busiest year, balancing family life with travel from the Western Isles with having started a full time college course in Art & Design meant that I had to scale back my availability a fair bit in 2016 but the sessions that I did do were among some of my favourites ever. 

    I revisited some families for the second or third time and I met some new ones too. I photographed 6 week old babies and 90 year old grandparents and everything inbetween. I spent just an hour or a whole day with families and was invited in to capture a little bit of their lives together which never stops being a joy and a privilege. 

    Thank you to all of the families who invited me into their lives in 2016, who shared their time and their space and their love for each other with me and I hope that maybe I'll get to see some of you again in 2017 to capture another chapter in your family story. 

    You can see my favourites from all of my 2016 sessions here