• Family Photography in Bristol and Birmingham - June 2017

    I will be travelling to Birminham and Bristol on June 23rd and 24th and would love to do some documentary family photography sessions with you while I'm there! 

    We will spend two hours together in one or two locations of your choice, capturing the everyday miracles of your beautiful family life and the small moments that make this particular stage of childhood so special. 

    Call me! 

  • Family Photography in Glasgow and Edinburgh, four families

    In January I spent a couple of days in Glasgow and Edinburgh, hanging out with these lovely families and capturing some of the small moments and everyday miracles that make up their lives. We spent a few hours here and there, playing and drinking tea and feeding the squirrels on and around Arthur's Seat, the Meadows and Glasgow Botanical Gardens. 

  • 2016, a Year of Sessions

    Looking back over the family photography sessions I did this year gives me such joy. It wasn't my busiest year, balancing family life with travel from the Western Isles with having started a full time college course in Art & Design meant that I had to scale back my availability a fair bit in 2016 but the sessions that I did do were among some of my favourites ever. 

    I revisited some families for the second or third time and I met some new ones too. I photographed 6 week old babies and 90 year old grandparents and everything inbetween. I spent just an hour or a whole day with families and was invited in to capture a little bit of their lives together which never stops being a joy and a privilege. 

    Thank you to all of the families who invited me into their lives in 2016, who shared their time and their space and their love for each other with me and I hope that maybe I'll get to see some of you again in 2017 to capture another chapter in your family story. 

    You can see my favourites from all of my 2016 sessions here

  • A Dawn to Dusk Family Photography Session

    I know I say it a lot, but there is something extra special about photographing a family as they grow, about documenting their journey from couple to threesome to a family of four. I photographed Marcie and Oli when they were expecting their first baby, I returned to photograph them when their son was a few weeks old and then again a mere 18 months later when their family grew to welcome and enfold their daughter. This progression and growth, change and adaptation, this story is what I live for as a photographer. It's no small thing to be given a glimpse into another family's story for a couple of hours but to bear witness to it over the course of years... that's where the magic is. 

    I spent all day with Marcie and Oli and their family, all three generations and two branches of it. I joined them in the morning as babies were being wrangled into rompers and teeths were being brushed and I put the cameras away again 10 hours later, as babies were being wrestled into rompers and teeths were being brushed, a full circle of a day. 

    I took so many photos and was so unable to edit them down to a managable blog post that I created a new page just for my favourites from this day. You can see the whole session here

    Email me if you are interested  in your own Dawn to Dusk family session, they're such a perfect way to capture the small moments of the day that add up to your one, precious (family) life. 

  • A Family Photo Session in Holland Park

    I absolutely love when past clients ask me to come back again and again.  This is the third session I have done with this lovely family and it is a joy and delight to not only to see their kids grow from babies into children but to document that for them.

    I first visited them in their home three years ago, when the twins were just four months old, caught up with them again at a National Trust property a year ago before I moved to France and this session was a few weeks ago in Holland Park, while I was making a brief visit to London from our new home in the Western Isles and I have loved every session.  

    A record of your family growing is such a precious thing and I'm so happy that I have been able to do that for these guys. 

    * I will be back in London later in the Summer for more photo sessions, email me for more information. 

    I will also be coming to Glasgow again soon too so please do get in touch if you are intersted in booking. 

  • January Sessions In Glasgow [a preview]

    You may remember that before Christmas I advertised that I was going to be travelling to the mainland to do some family photography sessions -I spent this past weekend in Glasgow photographing four beautiful families and it was such a treat to see the city be transformed into a snowy wonderland before my eyes. Not nearly as big a treat as watching these lovely kids experience their first fat flakes falling onto pink noses, tongues and cheeks though, that was such an unexpected pleasure. 

    I'm so grateful to these families for inviting me into their lives, I had a wonderful time being a part of their families for a couple of hours and I can't wait to work my way through the many, many pictures I took. In the meantime, here is a preview. <3 

    ( I will be travelling back to Glasgow in 6-8 weeks and would love to hear from you if you are interested in booking a session. I'm also planning a trip to London in March/April and would love to hear from you.) 

  • Booking sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh

    After our seven months in France I'm delighted to be back in Scotland and booking Bluebird and the Bear family photography sessions again! 

    I am now based in the Western Isles and happily looking forward to photographing families in Uist, Skye, Harris and Lewis. 

    I'm also arranging blocks of weekend sessions in Edinburgh and Glasgow with Edinburgh sessions coming up in mid-December and Glasgow mid-January. There will be four sessions available in each block and I will need to book up all of them to make each trip feasible, so please spread the word among your family and friends! 

    contact me at cara@birdandbear.co.uk for more information. 

  • A Family Photo Session in Lewisham.

    I loved this beautiful sunny day with this happy little family in Lewisham. It was one of my last sessions for the time being as we are moving to France in a few weeks. 

    I will be back in London occassionally and posting dates when I will be available for sessions here and  on my personal blog and in the meantime, if anyone is interested in a family session in Languedoc do drop me a line! 

  • Camden Family Photo Session

    This weekend I went to Kentish Town in Camden to take some pictures of the truly adorable 5 month old Iris and her parents in their beautiful home. It was so sweet to hang out with these guys for a couple of hours on a rainy Saturday and to watch how completely in love this family are with each other.

    I can't wait to go back and do the next three sessions that they have booked to chart Iris' first year. It was lovely to leave knowing that next time I see them them Iris will be sitting up, possibly at crawling... to be honest I can't quite remember what babies do at what ages these days but I'm looking forward to being reminded!