I am a documentary photographer, I believe in the beauty and magic of the unscripted moment, of the love that ties your family together. I photograph families as they are at home or in the park or somewhere that they love, I love for the tiny moments that tell the bigger story of your family and how it is held together with love and affection and history and porridge. 

I have been a photographer for ten years, I have been a family photographer for five. When my twins were born I found myself taking pictures of them almost constantly, finding that campturing them in their moments of happiness, sadness, irrational anger and inexplicable joy made some sense of the chaos that our household had become and gave me something solid to hold on to as our world changed so fast, every day bringing a new milestone, a new normal. 

Because they change so fast I want to give you something to hold on to, to look back at and say 'remember when she used to miaow at small dogs? Remember when he only had four teeth? '